My gold record…

I’ve previously written about some of my history with the British progressive rock band Marillion in this entry on the blog. They alternate with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band as my all-time favorite musical performers. This gold record was the largest single item that I brought with me when I moved from the U.S. to Thailand in 2004 (not counting a Bruce Springsteen tour jacket that I wore on the late December flight and haven’t worn since!).

The item was produced by The Gold Disc Company in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, for purchase by members of The Web official fan club, circa 2002-2004. So, it’s not as if I made any musical contribution to the band in order to be rewarded a gold record. But it would look good on my apartment wall if it wasn’t made of concrete! It is difficult to photograph, showing either highly reflective with the flash or dirty glass without. A great souvenir from a time when I had extra cash to spend on such items…


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